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Welcome back, you beautiful people. Welcome to episode three of Blake Builds ABike Cave. I’m still figuring out a name. I’ve been getting so many in the comments down below, on my social media, everywhere. Right, let’s kick it off. Yes, I’m so excited. Where are my tools? Before I get super carried away, I’ve been getting so many comments.

Yes, thank you so much. It seems you guys are enjoying me build this epic bike cave of mine. Also, I love hearing all about your suggestions and the comments down below. Getting involved. I’ve seen so many. I went over to GMBN Tech. I went through the whole filing system where you guys have been uploading your bike cave. If you want to get involved there’s a link in the description down below.

2020 Mountain Bike Isolation

If you want to get involved with the GMBNTech show, just go and upload it to today. Find it, upload it, send it over. Dotty loves to see this stuff and so do I know because I can– Look. Look at it. Blake: All right, look. That is so strong. I can put my motorbike here and it’s not going to fall through.

Flap it. I can build a house now. Probably not. Right, measurements. As I continued to boast about my building skills, this is what happened in episode two. I shoved up the cupboards, hung the doors,got all clever with my drawers. I got over-excited about my worktop which confused me a little. 45 degrees to 160. Well, I don’t know.

What’s coming up on episode three? Lets’ find out. [background music]Blake: Done. I’m going to build a frame. I’m not going to build it up there. I’m thinking I’ll build it on my worktop becauseI’ve got a new worktop. I’m going to build the whole frame on my worktop. Measure it out. See how wide I’m going to make it. I don’t want it too wide because I’m a bit short, I can’t get my arm right at the back.

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If I do make it deep, I might have to take a step or two. All right. I can’t forget my music. I can’t forget it. Blake: Fergus. Come here, Fergus. Let’s get cutting. Blake: I got some offcuts. I don’t throw away stuff. I use it till I– Just till it’s like this small. These are some offcuts. Maybe some mistakes from the previous episode one or two.

Anyway, moving on, this all is scrap, it’snot scrap because I’m going to use it because I don’t want this to have– I don’t want this to be too wide. I don’t want it to be the same width as this because I want to be able to get to the back, plus I’m going to hit my head on it if it’s overhanging, which it is going to be. I’m going to cut all this to size.

Make a little frame, glue it, screw it together. Then I’m going to fix it to the wall, so I can hide this gas meter thing because it looks ugly. It doesn’t look very nice. With a beautiful head unit, this is going to look even better. Hopefully, not make many mistakes because I haven’t got much wood left, and I still need to build that bike storage. Just run time-lapse man. Just run that time-lapse.

Charlie. Little monkey, what are you doing? What’s up? Charlie: Whoa. Blake: Whoa. What are you doing? You are fixing. What are you doing? Come in. Charlie: Cut here. Blake: You want me to cut along there. Charlie: Cut it. Blake: Cut there, down there, and then that way. Cool. Come, I get you little monkey. Blake: Man.

A cup of tea. Blake: Man. A cup of tea. I need a cup of tea and some biscuits. Flapping biscuits, oat cookies are the best. Look. Substance, one-bite cookies. A little break. A cup of tea. I had a few questions about my motorbike. Well, this is a wrap bike. Look at it. This is my wrap. I did some video a long, long time ago, beforeGMBN, just before GMBN, where my brother and I bought these motorbikes and went from the UK through the Pyrenees down to Barcelona to an event down there at Lapoma bike park.

It was super tasty. We made these bike racks. They’re bolted to the back. Take a look at this. We rode like that for a whole week there and back through the snow. It was terrible. I even crashed my motorbike. I didn’t also get it on camera. Anyway, Jimmy’s iced coffee, that is. Jimmy’s iced coffee. Good motorbike there. That is a Honda CB 450 super dream. It is a dream to ride. It is so light. I would start it up, but it needs a bit of TLC. It’s not working. [background music] That’s alright, it’s metal.

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So good. Lucky, lucky me. Some damage but #byMerch steel cups. You can’t go wrong with them in a workshop. [background music] Blake: All right, the frame unit is built up. Look at that. That is going up there. That’s quite a big unit. I was expecting it to be a little bit smaller, but it doesn’t matter. The more storage, the better. Let’s put these wooden bits up. Put them in there and there and there. Come to think of it, and I don’t know why I cut three.

I only needed one. Look, I cut three, one for there, obviously one for there and one for there but I only need one for there because that’s going to be the side of the wardrobe and that is going to be the wall. Balls. I’ve got an audience, look. Like a glove. Charlie’s drawing. We should date that. Where’d my pencil went to? Charlie was here. I didn’t even spell his name right. What an idiot. Was here. 2020.

I’ve run out of humongous screws to go into the wall, but I’ve got my trusty old workbench. Look. It’s got loads of massive screws in it. I’vee just got to find them. [background noise] Yes. I’m struggling to put this unit up there. What I’m going to do, I’m going to get up there just like Blake’s doing right now. Well done, Blake. I’m going to start screwing in big blocks into the wall so I can mount the unit, just like that. Go on, Blake. [applause] Yes, keep drilling. Keep drilling.

I hate it. I hate screwing the wall, Blake. I hate it too. It’s just so loud. That should do the job, I reckon. That should do the job. Listen. Now we can get the unit up there. [background music] Blake: News in, the wife is making some cake for tea in the afternoon. Look. [background music]Blake: Yes. I’m going to use all these scraps. I haven’t got much wood, so I’m going to cut all this. I’m going to put up there.

Cool.[background music] Blake: Now, I have to think out of the box. It’s not out of the box, but I’ musing all these little bits of ply because I haven’t got much like I keep saying, but look this is what I’ve done. Instead of putting in a big fat piece of two by two, I cut some ply to 2 inches. I separated the two doors by that. I think that looks flipping cool. Got a shelf in there. Over here. I’ll probably just leave this like it is for now. I’m going to put some doors on that and leave it because I don’t want to be building a shelf around it and then putting stuff around it, and it knocks it, and it damages it.

I’m just going to leave that as one big cupboard with two doors. Two doors there, two doors there. Done. Cut that. I’m going to put some trim up there and then move on to my tool board because I want to get on to putting some OSB all the way up there, into the top there, all the way around here, down here and up here and some shelves. That is the next job after this. This is the most time-consuming one. I think it looks pretty good. With doors on that, it’s going to look so lovely. Let’s measure up the doors, cut them, and put those hinges on because I hate those hinges.

They’re a nightmare. Episode two, I threw my toys out of the cot because of these hinges. [background noise] weather has dramatically changed from hot sunny weather to like a hoodie and a hot cup of tea weather. It’s raining. Look at that. Oh, well. [background music] Blake: Last door up to be hung. I hate hanging these doors. Yes, you know what? I’m pretty happy about that. Done. I am so excited. I’m not going to be hanging any more doors. It’s just a pain in the backside. Look at it—all entries on.

I made these doors like this so I can get in a bit better because I want to– Anyway, that’s one, that’s two, and three and four. Done. I like it a lot like it. Look at it. Now, I want to hang my tools all under here. I’m going to get some of this OSB chipboard, which I’ve got just there. I’m going to measure it up. I’m going to cut out. I’m going to put it under there. I’m going to screw it to some batten just like this, but some of these on the wall, screw it on. Done. Then we go up there. Then I’m going to go all the way there.

Then I’m going to go down there, and I’m going to go all the way up there. Let’s get this rolling. Let’s run that time-lapse. Let’s do some charts. Let’s do some cutting because we need to. [background music] Blake: A moment of truth. Big, big cut. You’re a bit dusty. You’re a bit dusty. Man, look at it. Look at it. Look at that. Look how good that is. It just finishes it off so good, but I can smell that Victoria sponge that my wife’s made, and I can hear the kettle boiling.

Blake: Do you like your cake? Is that a sweet cake? Charlie: Yes. Blake: Yes. Yes. I flipping love cake, and little man loves cake. Love cake. I don’t think anyone does not like cake, after talking through the wife and think, because she’s an interior designer. She’s not, but we were brainstorming. I did say we were going to go all the way up here and all the way [mumbles].

I think it’s a bit too much. I think we’re going to stop right here. It’s just this little bit here. That is tools there. Look at that that that that that it’s just so good. I’ve just come up with these little guys. This was going to be the bracket for my shelves because I want this to be a feature in itself. I think I’m going to make loads of these. I’m going to have probably one-two-three shelves or maybe just two shelves.

Do you know what? The dream was to put a TV there. Yes, a TV on the wall playing GMBN regularly,especially when I’m in here doing some maintenance and I don’t understand what I’m doing, I can just go, “Hey, Siri, put GMBN Tech on how to index gears because I still don’t knowhow to do it.” Let’s cut them. [background music]Blake: Look at that. Flipping– You know what? That’s the most carpentry thing I’ve ever done. Oh man, that is– around to the edges, I just sunk the back, so you don’t see it. I even put some dowels in there so you can’t see the joint.

I used dowels just to join the two together. Do you know where I got those from? Those are from my little man’s toy set. The small miniature logs from his train set. I thought, “I know exactly what I’m going to use those for. I’m going to use them for that.” I’m stoked to that. [background music]Blake: Man, this has been good. Episode three has been amazing. I flipping built this thing. I created the best shelves that I’ve ever done in my entire life. I thoroughly enjoyed making that little that shelving unit.

This is the end of episode three. Episode four is going to be unreal. You got to tune in because I’ve got lights. I’ve got some park tool stuff. I’ve got some tools. I’ve got some sanding to do. I’ve got some painting to do. I’ve got doorknobs. There is so much coming up in Episode four. Thank you very much for watching this rad video.

If you got any comments about doing stuff like this DIY, actually all them carpenters out there give us some feedback and say, “Hey, dude. That butt joint, you’ve done so many.” [laughs] “Just maybe try this joint.” Anyway, let us know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up like, follow us on all our social media, and if you love this, man, just let me know. I love it. Episode four is coming very soon. Next week. [00:18:46] [END OF AUDIO]

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