SRAM Eagle AXS & RockShox Reverb AXS Wireless Mountain Bike Groupset | GMBN First Ride

Modern technology, complex systems doing things way beyond most of our knowledge. There is some total loss of clever individuals tryin’ to make things better by faster, by makin’ them stronger. But things are judged not only by raw performance but also by the quality of the experience. Next level should we say? And there bit of big masters when it comes to bikes on the way. The first production hardtail, index gears, first suspension fork, disc brakes, auto bike wireless electronic shifting.

Wireless Mountain Bike Review 2020

SRAM Eagle Access is here. Fully wireless, fully electronic. Made up of a rear mech, shifter, dropper, remote, and companion app. (techno clicks) SRAM has invited us to experience SRAM Access out on the trail. (mechanical rumble) Amazing bike it’s developed at an incredible rate since the nineties. SRAM even offered thereEagle Groups at a budget now. Almost anyone can get their simplistic 1050 set, on that one bike system, but this, this is a high end, this next level. We saw Access race in 2018, Nina Sursash won World Champs using it.

We saw Mitch Ropelato drop post as well at the EWS, but believe it or not, was actually started five years ago Yarastav Calarvy raced it no one noticed and then SRAM actually employed more electrical engineers to perfect the system. It’s crazy how complex this thing must be and actually how simple the thing is. Apparently the dropper post was actually the hardest part, using that reverb trying to get all the motors and all the clever stuff to fit inside there.

Look, there’s a post, there’s a battery. That’s control, it seems easy. Available in both the cross country spec XX1 with the lightest materials, a carbon fiber met cage, and the enjero trail specX01 with a more robust build. The 500-percent cassette we know from previous hit generations of SRAMEagle is still here. Of course the shifters new, and it’s not a shifter anymore, it’s the controller. With customizable touchpoints using the phone app and it’s got secret sprint paddle. The rear mech is new it’s motor driven and not cable-actuated and its got brain.

Also, it automatically trims and adjusts itself. It’s fully customizable from the phone app again if you want to, if you don’t it’s just fit and forget. (bass beats) It’s definitely exciting stuff, some crazy technology’s gone into this, but it’s really sought in technology. You don’t really see this stuff, you don’t know what’s gone into this. Dotty’s gonna do a really in depth first look at it. , how it all works. If I’m honest I’m not interested, I’m more interested inthe way the thing rides.

I just want it to function really well. I want my quality experience and it works. It’s so fast even the reverb surprised me, how quick the thing just actuates from pushing that lever. Of course with the old style, hydraulic, and the cables you’ve, you actually gotta push your thumb what isit a couple of centimeters? Now it’s just instantaneous and the gears shift completely on the load, it really is quite amazing how well this works and how simple it is. (bass beats) This is a complete overhaul of your handlebar setup and cockpit.

Levers replaced with buttons, cables went, all your left with is brake hoses and it looks so simple, really clean. No need to route internal cables or fishing around inside the frame for a stray cable end. No need to mount a battery and a cubby hole. No noise from cables up at the bar or inside the frame. Bolt the shifter to the bar, insert the seat post to right tight, set three limit screws, press the pairing buttons and boom, or should I say click, your ready to ride. (bass beats) A new clutch completely disengages the motor to protect the mec and your bike.

It also has a shorter, tuck top design to keep that mec away from harm. Batteries are removable and interchangeable between the rear mech and the post. Ya get 20 hours of ride time for the rear mech, two years in the controller, and 46-60 hours ride time for the seat post. Hit the like button, hit the subscribe. Click down there forDotty, his first look, in-depth look at this SRAM Access. Groups there and Reverb post over there for a pro bike, check with Nino Schurter.

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