5 Compulsory Things To Get You Started In Mountain Biking

So, you’ve decided to take up mountain biking. The last couple of months have been mental and you thought, “That’s a good idea. I thinkI’ll have a crack at that. ” Well, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. Now, we’re here to help you embark on your new mountain bike journey, but there are a few tips, skills and essential bits of equipment you guys are going to need. I’m going to run through those with you right now.

Skills and essential bits of equipment you guys are going to need. Let’s go have a look, shall we?I think it’s a bit of an essential item. First thing’s first though, it is that trusty steed you’re going to need. Clearly, without a mountain bike, it’s going to be hard to start mountain biking. Now, there’s a ton of good ways to get into it. You could ask a very nice friend you might have, he might be able to lend you one. If you’re new to it and you go to a trail center, you’re going to have to hire bikes there.

They’ve got some really good ones. If you’re looking to buy one, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash. I’ve got my Fantasy mountain bike here, If you’re looking to buy one, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash. I’ve got my Fantasy mountain bike here, but something far simpler will do the job to get you going. If you are going to buy one though, shop around. There are some great second-hand deals out there.

As I said, you don’t need a super fancy beast like this thing. Make sure you get the right one for you, fit for purpose and it’s nice and safe obviously. [background music] -Yes, Rich. A bike, number one. Are we carrying that? That is essential to be a mountain biker. The first essential accessory is a pump. Now, this is a floor pump. This is really, really important to have, especially if you’re going to go tubeless on your bike.

You might find it really hard with a mini pumpto actually get any air into that tire to seat the beads, so get yourself a floor pump. They might seem a bit of an investment to begin with, but they are so good. I would argue that you might need two pumps, one set of floor pump for home for getting tubeless tires seated, and a mini pump to have on the trail to fix punctures is also something you need. I would probably argue you’re going to needtwo pumps to start riding properly.

Yes, you could just buy mini pump, and these do come in various sizes. Obviously, the smaller is the more portable. in your back pocket or in your rucksack. Larger, better for, again, seating tubeless. Potentially, you could have a mid-sized pump to take with you on the trail and to keep at home, but if I’m honest, I think two pumps is the way to go. Invest, it’s definitely worth it. [background music] -Without a helmet, you can’t really ride. I mean, you can, but you shouldn’t.

You really shouldn’t. Please, just don’t. It’s blooming dangerous. You’ve got your bike, but there’s lots of different helmets to choose from. It could be a downer helmet, a cross-country helmet or an old mountain-type helmet, which is my favorite. Make sure you choose the right typeof helmet for you. Those are the two biggest points done. Technically, now, you can go out and ride, but what’s next? [background music] Mountain biking is a unique sport because, for the best part, you’re expected to be able to fix or at least adjust your equipment.

You wouldn’t be expected to fix or restringa tennis racket for example, but mountain bikers often fit and fettle with their bikes, so knowing your way around a multi-toolis pretty much part of the course. There are some riders who would be able to strip down their forks and rebuild them faster than you get a cup of tea, but the average mountain biker should be able to make sure their bike is in working order.

The common basic check is the M check and can be done with a multi-tooland floor pump. Essentially, a multi-tool is an accessory number two. [background music] -There are some things that are inevitable in mountain biking. First one is you’re going to have a good time. Second one is you will get a puncture at some point, so you need to be prepared for that, so get yourself an inner tube, get yourself down at the local bike shop, get yourself at least one spare inner tube.

Normally, we’re taking those with you on the ride as well, hence why you want to take a mini pump because we’ve all been there, you get into the middle of nowhere, you go on a brilliant ride and then disaster, you get a puncture. If you haven’t got the stuff to fix it, normally, it’s a long, annoying walk back to where you’ve come from, so pump and tube. Then, two other things you should have really.

Some tire levers. Some tires, you will be able to get off by hand. We’ve done some videos on that in the past. Just massaging the tire into the middle of the rim and then pulling off. Others, you will need tire levers because they’re so tight on the rim, you’re going to need these to help pry the tire off because no good having a spare tubeif you can’t get the tire off.

The other thing worth having is a puncture repair kit. This is how you can fix small holes or even fix, once you’ve put the new tube in, save your old tube, you might be able to take home a fix with a puncture repair kit. There’s a nice set of shopping list of the essentials you should have when you’re starting mountain biking.

Of course, there’s way more things you can buy, accessories, tools. They’re going to help you out and make your life a bit easier and a bit more enjoyable the more you get into riding. Don’t forget, we’ve got a whole channel, GMBN Tech, dedicated to fixing, upgrading and all the cool things about technical things, all mountain biking stuff.

Head over there, loads of videos there. Don’t forget to get involved in the comments down below, things that you can recommendto other people. Thanks very much and catch you soon. I hope you’re enjoying Get Riding Week.

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