How To Build A Double For Mountain Biking in 2020

Welcome back, you beautiful people. Don’t you wish you could jump just like that constantly, forever and ever? Today, I’m all about how to build a double. Probably not that big. We’re going to start off small. Let’s go over there. Blake: Yes, doubles like this one right here, slightly stepped up. That’s massive. It takes time to build such a jump like that big.

All right, today I’m going to show you howto build a basic jump, basic double with a gap in the middle, a gap jump. This bit of dirt right here is a sorry state of affairs. This was an old jump, so it’s a perfect place to show you how to build a basic double jump with a gap in the middle. First off, is location.

You don’t want to just be going into the woodlands and breaking up all the dirt and digging big holes and some ugly monstrosities in there that will get you told off and all of it’s shut down. Make sure you got somewhere where you’ve gotpermission or you’re allowed to dig. Like over here, this is my favorite spot inthe whole world.

Build A Double For Mountain Biking in 2020

This spot has been here for years, donkey’syears since the ’90s. I’ve been coming up here and digging endless,endless amount of house, I can’t even explain how many hours I’ve dug, but I’m allowed todig here, so location, location, location is key. Tools, the only tool you need is a spade justlike this one right here. This is going to shift tons and tons of dirtand create happiness.

Now, where are you going to start when itcomes to building a gap jump? I recommend that you start with the landing. Why? Because it’s the biggest pile of dirt thatyou’re going to be building up. It’s the most dirt you’re going to be shiftingas well. If you get it wrong, you can’t move that becauseit’s the most, but you can move the lip.

I’m going to start with the landing first. What makes a good landing? A wide landing. It’s all about the structure. You’ve got to start off from the bottom. You don’t want to think about the top beforeyou’ve started building the bottom. When you’re building a landing, it’s a bitlike a pyramid or a triangle, just like this. You want to have a wide base and then youtaper it up to the top and it gets a little bit narrower.

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Basically, it’s going to keep its structurebecause if you build straight sides it’s just going to crumble away because of dirt, it’snot a glue, is it? It’s crumbly. Yes, wide landing. What you want to do is point out where youwant your landing to go. Now, moving the dirt out just like this isbasically giving it a good footprint, a good base as well for the landing.

As you can see, I’m not building a 90-degreewall. I’m building it, and don’t quote me on this,but about 45 degrees at an angle. Another key thing is when you’re stackingdirt, you’ve got to make sure it’s compact constantly because if it’s not, it’ll justshrink down every time you land on it, so you pile up, you pat it down, you pile up,you pat it down just so you get a nice solid structure to that landing.

Build A Double Tutorial For Mountain Biking in 2020

If you want you to jump to last, strength is key. Blake: The next key to taking into consideration is where the direction your jump is going. If your trial is right in front of you like this and you’re starting to dig the back of the jump if you dig too much of here, the back of the landing is going to all bent. It’s going to look like a hip.

What you want to do is have the back of yourlanding perpendicular with where you’re coming from, and the side of your jump, you wantto have it parallel with where you’re coming from, so that needs to be the same line whereyou’re coming in.

Blake: When you’re building the back of your landing, you want to constantly be stackingand shaping, passing it in because if you just pile it up and then shape it at the end,you’ll just have a big pile of dirt at the bottom, might as well have dirt now.

A key tip when patting, especially with some terrain, if it’s clay and you just pat, it will just stick to the back of your spade. I’m pretty grateful I have this great and stuff that’s just perfect to be digging with. Pat slide, pat slide, plus, it gives you nice finish.

Blake: I do this, especially when I’m building humongous jumps by hand and I haven’t got enough dirt and to cut down the time, I do find old logs, not super rotten ones, some quite sturdy ones, and I place them in there, but deep inside of the structure, not just poking out the side because that’s dangerous. You don’t want anything hard sticking up especially where you’re going to land. It’s not safe.

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If you crash, you hurt yourself. Also, please do not put any metal in jumps. That’s just stupid, silly. Why would you want to put metal where you land? Disgusting. What I’m going to do is speed up the process. I’m going to put some logs in there, in the middle of the structure, and then cover it up with dirt, probably like a foot and a halfto two foot of dirt on top of some logs because that’s safe and I’m just going to cut downsome time too. Let’s find some logs. That’s not rotten.

This one’s heavy. It’s also key to make sure they’re level. You don’t want to be sticking up like this. That means you’re going to have to fill itup way above that. Just make sure it’s level. It’s not hard. Just level out the ground, place them flatdown. Let’s get these covered up. When you’re scavenging for dirt to put onyour landing or your take-off, don’t be go digging a big ass hole right near your landingbecause if you crash, you’re going to fall in your hole. Yes? The best way to do it is to scrape the dirt.

You’re not digging, you’re scraping the dirt. You’re basically crafting away, you’re digging,you’re cultivating in. You’re not going down, you’re not mining,you’re cultivating. You’re like scraping, scavenging, bringingit all together, and then dumping it. It’s a good time to reflect. You’re digging in solitude, nature aroundyou, thinking about what are you going to do on this jump. Think of nothing, just get rid of stress withdigging.

This is hard work. [music]Blake: Like the Great Pyramids of Giza, they took time to build. Landings definitely take the longest to build,but look how much dirt I’ve done and not even dug one hole yet. I’m scraping, scraping. Getting there. I think that’s high enough. Man, I’m getting a bit carried away. I’m going to stand back, look at it. That looks a bit too high.

Shuffle it out and make it a littlebit lower. I’ve been standing on it so it’s solid, justa little bit more work on the landing, then we’re done on the landing. I’ve been building for years and years. I’ve failed and some jumps, just comes withexperience.

Time and time with spade in hand, experimentingon how a jump works, and when you get to it, you’re like, “I know what to do. I’m going to build a jump. I’m going to build it this high. That means my lip needs to be this. The gap needs to be this, and I need to hitit with this much speed.” It’s like a chemical formula. One bit too much, and kaboom.

It all goes wrong. [music]Blake: One little tip when building a side of a landing, or a take-off, is when you’repatting the side, jump down as well. You’re basically pushing pressure on bothsides. You push down and tap in, just condensingit, making a solid. Listen to that.

That’s pretty solid now. The best way to shape the landing is justwalk up and down and add some dirt where there’s some low spots, cut some dirt away where there’ssome high spots. Best way to do it, just push down and walkdown, close steps. [music]Blake: Done. Let’s go to the take-off. [music]Blake: Pretty happy with that, a bit of love up here.

That looks good. I like it. Size looks good. Landing is sick, good for landing on. You’re probably thinking how and where amI going to put this take-off? How do I judge the size of jump I want tobuild? This comes with trial and error. I’ve got this cool formula, you can do a bike’slength.

My spade’s pretty much nearly my bike’s length. You put it on top of the landing and you leaveit out like this. Now, you can see to here that’s quite a biggap. It’s bike and a bit, but I don’t want tomake such a big gap, but I don’t want to make such a small gap because I’ve got quitea lot of speed coming in, so I’m going to make it a bike and a half’s length gap, whichI think it’s pretty good. It’s pretty easy.

Now, when it comes to the take-off, what sortof jump do you want? Do you want a normal double where the take-offis the same height as the landing, or do you want to step up where the landing is way higheror a little bit higher than the take-off? What’s the difference between a step up anda normal double? A normal double where the take-off and thelanding are the same, it’s a bit like trails, you’re going up, but you’re going to comeback down to the same height as where you’ve took off from, which gives you more height,gives you more loft, more time in the air.

A step-up is great for learning tricks on. Why? Because you’re stepping up onto the landing,still getting a lot of air, but when the trick goes wrong the consequences are low becauseyou’re going to be landing a little bit higher up. You’re not landing down, you’re landing upthere, step up. There you go. That’s what I want to build here. [music]Blake: I’m just going to double-check. It’s always key to keep an eye on where you’redigging. You could be digging in a totally wrong direction.

It’s the first time I’ve looked at it. It’s all right. It’s kind of central. That’s my centerline, I can see, little bitmore dirt over there on the right, little on the left. I got so much dirt down here that I can scrapeand steepen up that lip, put some on top, and then pat it. [music]Blake: It’s hard work, digging, so you and your tool your spade have to be one.

You need to know how to use your spade. Now, I’m probably teaching some of you tosuck eggs, but some of those that don’t know how to use a spade or dig properly, it comeswith time and practice, time with the spade in your hand. Now, when it comes to shaping a lip, thisis the most crucial time is when you’re shaping. The best way to shape a lip is when you’redigging down.

Now, you can hold the spade quite low, butyou want to hold it in the center of the spade if you’ve got a long handle just like thisone. If you’ve got one with a handle like thathold the handle but hold further down. You want to be pushing down just like this. That is going to give you a nice transition. You keep doing it. Don’t dig away too much at once.

Dig away a little bit by a little bit by alittle bit. Step back, look at it, look at the side, lookat the shape, see if it’s good. Now, the other way is I’ve seen is peoplegoing up. They’re digging up like this. Why is that not a good way? Because when you’re driving, you’re drivinginto the lip. The only way you want to go up is if you’regoing low, but that’s super uncomfortable. That’s why if you’re doing this, watch this.

This is an example. I’m going to be shaping up the lip. I’m digging straight into the lip leavinga big hole just like that. Whereas if I’m going down, I’m always forcingit to come up, scooping it like a dog digging in the dirt. I’m scooping it. You just angle your spade a little bit toget the perfect shape you want. Just stand on the side either way.

Look at that, you can adjust the pitch ofyour takeoff. [music]Blake: Getting there. It’s a little bit mellow, but I think that’sall right. There’s no horrible step in it. You don’t want to step because it will justfeel like you’re going [vocalizes] You don’t want to go flat, and then a step, and thenthe kicker, you want it to have a nice gradual curve to it. A bit more digging there, a bit more diggingthere.

Blake: It’s getting dark and we’re still outhere digging away. I’m out here digging away all on my own, camsyman. [laughs] He’s just snapping up the gold andI’m building up the gold. We’re nearly there. This is the final, final stages. You got to make sure this leap is hard, rock-solidbecause your tires are going to dig in, and all your hard work, it’s going to get destroyed,but which it is, which is fine because you’ve built it to have fun on and destroying itis part of the fun.

That looks good. A little bit more digging of dirt out thebottom, a bit more patting. We’re all up and down on my bike. Look at it and then we can test run it, thevirgin hit. I’m looking forward to that bit, put downthe spade. Hands are killing. Good farm pump though. [music]Blake: See what I’m doing. I’m digging down, not up. I don’t want to be digging any holes intomy lip because that would just be terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible. Oh, here you go.

I’m done. A little gap double, takeoff landing, slightlystepped up with a bike’s length in the middle. Now, to get my bike and just have a littleroll up and down just to familiarize myself with what the take-off feels. It’s a good tip. Rolling up and down a takeoff, you get tofeel if it’s a nice transition. You can go and see it’s a bit steep then you’relike, “Okay. It’s a steep.” or you can go up and you go, “It’s a bit mellow. That’s good.

That’s fine.” You can feel if there’s any bumps in thereas well, just rolling up and down. By looking at it, there’s no lumps and bumps. I’m just going to roll. Fakie up. Yes, fakie up because Blakey can fakie. Then, hit it. Hey, I’m super excited, super excited. Oh, do it again. Oh, do it again. That feels good. Blakey can fakie. Yes, I’ve been practicing. All right. Let’s hit it.

Blake: Confidence is key when you’re hitting the jump for the first time. It is key, confidence. You spend all that time digging it. I’m confident. Watch this. [music]Blake: Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. Yes. Wow. It works. All my hard work’s paid for. Done. Now it’s a little bit soft obviously becauseI’ve just built it and the sand is soft, but the more and more I ride it, the harder andharder it’s going to get.

Let’s just do that. Let’s just ride it, loads, and have fun. [music]Blake: [laughs] Oh, man, I love jumping. It’s the best feeling in the whole world gettingup in the air. I’m sorry if you can’t do it, but hopefully,this video can help you build a jump, a gap jump just like this to build that confidence,help you get up into the air.

I love it, but I’m done in digging all dayon this. It’s tiring. I’m not going to lie. Hopefully, this has helped you out, inspiredyou to get out there and do it. If you want to see some more videos just likethis one, don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe because you’re missing out on somerad stuff. If you want to continue to binge-watch GMBN,there’s two videos on the screen over on the left there, click them.

One of them is a beginner jump, how to build that. Also, the other one is beginner skills. If you need some skill training, click them too. Give us a thumbs up like if you love jumping, and I’ll see you next time. See you.

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